How It Works

Technology has seeped into every aspect of our lives. More than anything, it seems, the Internet has changed how people from coast to coast communicate, share information, and connect to the things that matter the most. Now, Washington Online School Network offers middle and high school fueled by that same amazing technology. Consequently, Washington Online School Network’s curriculum is incredibly advanced and easy to use for all students. Washington Online School Network has transformed the traditional middle and high school into a streamlined, powerful alternative for students who need a different kind of education.

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Free of Charge, But Full of Value

Washington Online School Network is a free public school option offered by our District Partners. This means that any qualified student can attend Washington Online School Network for free. There is no cost to enrolling your child in the most advanced and accessible middle and high school curriculum in the state. Washington Online School Network is powered by the same funds that go to conventional high schools. Your child will receive the same high-quality education offered at a public charter school with none of the distractions that come with a brick-and-mortar education. At no cost to you, let your child learn at a steady, individual pace armed with the latest in digital technology.

Our Teachers Will Unlock Success

The teachers at Washington Online School Network are the backbone of a quality education. That is why we hand select our Washington-certified teachers based on their ability to foster a quality learning environment using digital tools. Those same tools allow our teachers to be available for personalized interaction 5:00am to 8:00pm PST, Monday through Friday, for students who need their guidance. Washington Online School Network also offers 24/7 tutoring for students who need help grasping especially difficult concepts. Any time, day or night, your child will find they help they need from qualified, passion educators who are dedicated to your child’s success.

Our Commitment Is Your Child’s Success

When your child succeeds, we succeed. The professional staff at Washington Online School Network is unequivocally dedicated to seeing your child earn a real high school diploma and take the first steps into his or her professional future. All of our powerful digital tools, expert teachers, and passionate administrators are brought together to guide students to success in school and in life. We will work with your child every step of the way to ensure that no child ever feels lost or stuck in their educational journey. From day one to graduation day, Washington Online School Network is fully committed to your child’s scholastic accomplishments. Let us help prepare your child for the future by educating them today.