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High School

Fundamentals of English Composition
English I A*
English I B*
English II A*
English II B*
English III A*
English III B*
English IV A*
English IV B*

Algebra I A*
Algebra I B*
Geometry A*
Geometry B*
Integrated Math A
Integrated Math B
Algebra II A*
Algebra II B*
Calculus A
Calculus B
Introduction to Probability and Statistics

Biology A*
Biology B*
Integrated Physical Science A*
Integrated Physical Science B*
Chemistry A
Chemistry B

American History A*
American History B*
World Geography A*
World Geography B*
World History A*
World History B*
U.S. Government*
Honors U.S. Government

Chinese I A
Chinese I B
Chinese II A
Chinese II B
Foundations of Spanish I A
Foundations of Spanish I B
Foundations of Spanish II A
Foundations of Spanish II B
German I A
German I B
Spanish I A
Spanish I B
Spanish II A
Spanish II B

Personal Health and Safety
Personal Health and Safety with Sex Education
Physical Education I A+
Physical Education I B+
Physical Education II A+
Physical Education II B+
Physical Education III A+
Physical Education III B+

Career and Technology Electives

Career and Technology Skills A
Career and Technology Skills B
Computer Literacy A
Computer Literacy B
Fundamentals of Web Development

English Electives

Fundamentals of English Composition

Mathematics Electives

Consumer Math A
Consumer Math B
Algebra Concepts A
Algebra Concepts B

Social Science Electives

Introduction to Anthropology
Introduction to Psychology
Honors Introduction to Psychology
Honors Psychology B
Psychology A
Psychology B
Introduction to Sociology
Current Events
U.S. Law and Politics

Science Electives

Environmental Science A
Environmental Science B

Life Skill Electives

Life Skills
Personal Financial Literacy

Communication Electives

Fundamentals of English Composition
Journalism A
Journalism B

Fine Art Electives

Fundamentals of Art
Fundamentals of Art Appreciation
Fundamentals of Art History
Introduction to Graphic Design

Alternative Credit Electives

Job Skills and Experience A
Job Skills and Experience B
Service Learning Project I A
Service Learning Project I B
Service Learning Project II A
Service Learning Project II B
Service Learning Project III A
Service Learning Project III B
Service Learning Project IV A
Service Learning Project IV B

AP® Biology – Semester 1
AP® Biology – Semester
AP® Calculus BC – Semester 1
AP® Calculus BC – Semester 2
AP® English Literature – Semester 1
AP® English Literature – Semester 2
AP® Environmental Science
AP® U.S. Government and Politics
AP® English Language and Composition –
Semester 1
AP® English Language and Composition –
Semester 2
AP® Spanish Language – Semester 1
AP® Spanish Language – Semester 2
AP® U.S. History – Semester 1
AP® U.S. History – Semester 2

Middle School

Language Arts 6 A*
Language Arts 6 B*
Language Arts 7 A*
Language Arts 7 B*
Language Arts 8 A*
Language Arts 8 B*

Fundamentals of Math 6 A*
Fundamentals of Math 6 B*
Fundamentals of Math 7 A*
Fundamentals of Math 7 B*
Pre-Algebra A*
Pre-Algebra B*

Earth Science A*
Earth Science B*
Life Science A*
Life Science B*
Physical Science A*
Physical Science B*

Ancient Civilizations A
Ancient Civilizations B
World History & Geography A
World History & Geography B
American History A
American History B

Physical Education 6 A
Physical Education 6 B
Physical Education 7 A
Physical Education 7 B
Physical Education 8 A
Physical Education 8 B

Career and Technology Electives

Career Exploration
Computer Literacy A (MS/HS)

Mathematics Electives

Introduction to Probability and Statistics

Life Skill Electives

Study Skills
Life Skills (MS/HS)
Financial Literacy A
Financial Literacy B

Fine Art Electives

Art Appreciation 6
Art Appreciation 7
Art Appreciation 8

Alternative Credit Electives

Service Learning Project 6 A
Service Learning Project 6 B
Service Learning Project 7 A
Service Learning Project 7 B
Service Learning Project 8 A
Service Learning Project 8 B