At Washington Online School Network, you will feel as though the entire school was designed for your child. We arm our students with an arsenal of virtual resources so that they can succeed no matter what else is going on in their lives. Our students learn how they want, where they want, and when they want. Washington Online School Network’s outstanding educational staff and cutting-edge online tools allow our students to prepare for tomorrow their way.

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Instant Help, All The Time

At Washington Online School Network, education is delivered in real-time, even when the teachers are miles away. Your child deserves help whenever problems arise, and our program is designed to anticipate and meet every student’s needs. Washington-certified teachers are available for 1:1 interaction 5:00am to 8:00pm PST Monday through Friday, and 24/7 tutoring is accessible for students who need some extra guidance. Students can communicate with teachers and their peers instantaneously via Chat, our innovative instant messaging service, or through ClassMail, our speedy and secure email server. Our students can brainstorm on message boards and share their ideas for a truly collaborative educational experience. As soon as your child has a question, he or she can find the answer at the speed of modern technology. There is no need to wait after class or pay for an after school tutor. Your child will have first-rate, immediate help available at the click of a mouse.

Earn Your Diploma, The Right Way

Washington Online School Network is offered by accredited, public charter schools. This means that every student who completes our program receives a nationally and regionally recognized high school diploma. A Washington Online School Network diploma means as much to potential employers as a diploma from any public high school in the country. After graduating from Washington Online School Network, your child will be fully prepared for success after high school. Enroll your child in a program that helps them to learn quicker, easier, and on their own time. Earning a high school diploma has never been more convenient for your child and your family.

Learn Anywhere, Study Anytime

Washington Online School Network knows that students have busy lives. That is why we have created a flexible online curriculum so that students can spend time with the people and activities that matter the most. Students should not have to sacrifice the people and things they love to obtain a quality education. At Washington Online School Network, students study and learn when they want to. With access to personalized teacher interaction and 24/7 tutoring, your child can fit an education into any lifestyle easily and efficiently.

A Respected Education

Washington Online School Network is a world-class program offered by accredited, public charter schools. Your child will encounter a powerful, flexible online curriculum full of all the vital information taught at a traditional high school. Washington-certified teachers are on hand to educate your child using the most advanced digital tools available. With so many robust options for learning, your child will acquire knowledge quickly and retain that knowledge for the future. Washington Online School Network’s technology is designed specifically for online learning, and our teachers specialize in teaching to online students. Our program is perfectly suited for students who want a flexible and rewarding education experience.